Monday, October 22, 2012

October is like falling in love...

I have been wanting to do a longer post, on Autumn, and October, and the particular light of the days, and the colors of flame and glory on the mountains, and the beauty of the time. However, my days are vastly too busy to give it the thought it deserves.

Then, a friend quoted this blog, and now, I have some words to share about it, that say it much better than I can, and a new place to read wisdom:

"In autumn, there is always one special morning of singular light and meaningful wind. Many magicians have tried to name it, usually with indirect reference -- calling it "this" wind or "that" light -- but no single name suffices. Even if you were born in another season, you feel it, but if you were born in autumn, you feel it acutely: it is the very core of your physical existence. It is raw life. This morning, after the Orionid meteor shower cleansed the heavens with star rain; this morning, as the Ch'ang Ho bells ring beneath west wind -- the wind of gates shut upon effulgent sunlight -- this morning, my October birthday morning, autumn's special life came to me again. 

What is it like? 

It is like falling in love."

From the wonderful:  Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar

Yes, I think that says it rather well.

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